Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Sushi and Döner

Rubber Ducks

What does the elaborate Japanese sushi and the simple German version of kebab – ein döner – have in common?

You should always stop and observe the shop carefully before entering. There’s safety in numbers – sushi bars or döner shops with few guests are best avoided.

I took my time when I had decided on having ein döner and carefully observed both establishments in the passageway at Bahnhof Friedrichsstrasse.

One did some business, the other one did very brisk business. Their prices where the same so I went with the busy shop and was not disappointed – home mad bread, lot’s of meat shaved of the revolving spit and assorted salads with a nice light garlic dressing.

Perhaps the best meal I had during my entire stay – when adjusted for price. The competition for food in and around the rail station is fierce so I got lunch for 2.50 euros.

I could have been even more systematic, I could have researched my döner online.

So I used the same kind of common sense when I found myself wanting sushi for dinner. I walked an area around Ku’Damm from Savigny Platz to Olivaer Platz and passed several empty sushi bars that looked ok but scared me by their very emptiness.

I was also a bit surprised to see how many places offered “happy hour” on their sushi – half price on everything. That in my mind didn’t bode well either. But it isn’t only the sushi bars and it may be the result of tourists having moved all their interest from this area to the area around Friedrichsstrasse in Mitte.

In Schlüterstrasse I found Sake Sushi Bar – there was people already eating at a counter, the two cooks where busy preparing take out orders and about half of the few tables had reservation signs on the. That could of course just be a trick, but turned out to be true.

So I settled down at the counter and was pleased with how fresh the fish looked and how happy the people already eating was.

This place too had “happy hour” and I got my menu of four nigiri, four maki and four inside-out rolls at half price.

It was very nice and fresh sushi – not innovating or super special – but just what I needed after a long day walking around.


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