Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Out of the darkness into the sun

Concert Hall

As I walked out of Trader Vic’s and into the evening sun on Gendarmenmarkt an obvious choice was right in front of me: The Newton Bar right across from Lutter & Wegner. Two Berlin classics.

I settled down in a comfortable chair on the sidewalk in front of Newton with a nice view of the German Cathedral. A waiter materialized immediately and took my order for a Martini Cocktail of the gin kind.

It was promptly served and by the time I had finished it the waiter materialized again just they way good cocktail waiters do. I settled my bill and walked across to Lutter & Wegner.

Once again I got excellent service. It being a very busy place close to Friedrichstrasses shopping area and close to the Concert Hall I was seated at a small two person table in a long row of two person tables. During my meal the tables on either side of me changed clientele twice, that’s how busy a place it is.

Germany have very lax smoking rules and I was just grateful that for some reason no one smoked around me.

I had a Wiener schnitzel with a warm potato salad, which is a very traditional European dish that can be everything from truly wonderful to truly awful. This was truly wonderful. The thin piece of breaded veal was fried to perfection and the slightly vinegary potato salad cut right through the tradition of the dish.

For dessert I had three nice cheeses.

A lovely meal and nice to discovered that I was visible again.


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