Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good eats on the beach

Electric drinks
After a day of sightseeing and light shopping, my dining partner and I had a very lovely meal at Cafeteria on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

After cocktails - a girly pink watermelonmartini for me and a coconut martini for my partner we shared a starter of seared yellowfin tuna with avocado, watercress, citrus salad and yuca chips. Then she had grilled Mahi Mahi chimichuri, spicy mango chutney, plantain chips and I had the lovely fish and chips on menu. The only letdown was the wine, a very tame chardonnay.

The evening ended at the bar at The Hotel where we had martinis with electric icecubes.

Little Havana

Little Havana
This fall I made another trip to Miami Beach and I enjoyed some new and lovely meals and drinks in that tropical paradise.

A wonderful long weekend with a visit from a friend started in Little Havana - no we did not eat at Burger King, but it's a pretty good summary of the building style in that particular area of Miami.

Lunch time found us in a busy litlle restaurant - Exquisito Restaurant - obviously a place for locals we were the only ones struggeling with the Spanish menu and the only ones speaking English to one another.

We shared two dishes: Filetillo de Pollo, Arroz Blanco y Maduros- chicken pieces sauteed in a light soy sauce served with fried plantains and white rice and Enchilado de Camarones, Arroz Blanco y Maduros - shrimp in a tomatoe sauce with a hint of some kind of fruit - also served with plantains and rice.

It looked like a lot of food, when it was served, but we made pretty good dents in both dishes and ended up sharing a small very strong and sweet cup of Cuban coffee - much like it's served in Greece.