Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Blue Door?

Rubber ducks at dinner
The overwhelming color of and at the Delano hotel in South Beach, Miami, Florida is white. The building is a stunningly white, the lobby that you pass through on route to the restaurant is white with dabs of natural wood colors, and the restaurant itself is overwhelmingly white, with the soft cream colored light from candles everywhere.

So, where is that Blue Door the place is named after? Does it matter?

What matters is that everything about an evening at the Blue Door feels right. Hostess, waiter, bus boys are all doing their stuff, and doing it unobtrusively and the way it should be done.

That leaves the diners to enjoy themselves, each other, the wonderful room and the food.

Food that is divided on the menu in two major categories: New and classic – we are talking American meeting French cooking here.

My companion and I mixed and matched. She had a starter of smoked duck on assorted greens, tomato and mozzerella and I had a frois gras burger. There was nothing but praise and contendment from across the table and I was very impressed with the burger.

As an European my first thought was why? Why take a classic dish and turn it into a cliché? But it worked, it really did. Every bit was a perfect mixture of the frois gras, the caramelized onions, the glaze and the homemade brioche.

For an entrée I had Duck Exotique and she had Bouf Gorgonzola. Two perfect dishes – my duck balanced by fruity flowers and her Filét Mignon balanced by gorgonzola.

Neither of us really needing dessert but both of us wanting the meal to last a little longer and curious as to what the kitchen had to offer ordered assorted sorbets. And they really where – the waiter told us the different kinds they offered and we ordered our own special mixture. As easy as and ice cream parlor as wonderful as the rest of the meal.

All of this goodness was of course accompanied by fine drink: A classic martini for me and a Cosmopolitan for her to start with, a mellow rosë Cotes du Rohne for the starters, Beringer Zinfandel for the entrees and rosé Moet and Chandon champagne for the sorbets.


Blogger RomeyDuck said...

Did the ducks get IDed? They look underage to me. *snicker*

They say hi and miss you.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Endrup said...

They are a special petit kind of ducks - but very mature and well travelled.

And much missed by there parents Romey and Jules.


9:05 PM  

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